Battery Metals and Mining Index



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The index selection process selects equities for the selection pool that meet the following conditions as determined the Index Provider.  Securities are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Publicly traded companies engaged in the development and production of lithium battery technology and/or battery storage solutions; the exploration, production, development, processing, and/or recycling of the materials and metals used in lithium battery chemistries such as Lithium, Cobalt, Nickel, Manganese, Vanadium and/or Graphite; and/or the development and production of electric vehicles.
  • The Index seeks to provide exposure to global companies associated with the development, production and use of lithium battery technology including:

    1. Companies deriving more than 50% of their revenue from the development and production of lithium battery technologies and/or battery storagesolutions;
    2. Companies in the battery materials supply chain that demonstrate a verifiable beneficial interest in lithium battery technology as verified by one of the following factors:

    •  50% revenue or profit derived from the mining activity or metal processing, operations, contracts, and/or projects utilized in lithium battery chemistries, and/or
    •  global market share in the top five or at least 10% of global market share of any lithium battery metal utilized in the lithium battery chemistry that represents a primary source of revenue and/or net income for the company.

    1. Companiesderiving more than 90% of their revenue from the development and production of electric vehicles.
  • Listing on a regulated stock exchange in the form of shares tradable for foreign investors without restrictions.
  •  Market capitalization of at least 250 million USD at time of purchase, and above $200 million USD at time of reconstitution.
  • Average daily traded value of at least 1,000,000 USD over the last six months at time of purchase, or adequate constituent liquidity and accessibility for an exchange listed product as determined by the Index Provider.
  • Adequate constituent liquidity and accessibility for an exchange listed product as determined by the Index Provider.
  • Non-US companies will be U.S. exchange traded ADR versions if available, provided their liquidity is comparable to locally traded shares.
  • The only allowable industry concentrations will be in the battery metals and mining industry classified under the diversified metals & mining GICS sub-industry grouping and/or GICS materials industry group.

The daily price and return of the EQM Lithium & Battery Technology Index (BATTIDX) is calculated and published by Refinitiv.

The EQM Lithium & Battery Technology Index is a passively managed index.  It is not possible to invest in an index.

For more information on an ETF that invests in Lithium & Battery Technology.

The EQM Lithium & Battery Technology Index (BATTIDX) is licensed by Toroso Investments. Please email inquiries to

Quotes for the EQM Lithium & Battery Technology Index can be found each day under the symbol BATTIDX on Bloomberg, on Refinitv as .BATTIDX and from other financial data providers.

The company did not meet the selection criteria when the index was last reconstituted. Companies that now meet index selection criteria will become candidates for inclusion at the next reconstitution date.

Eligible initial public offerings will be considered for inclusion on the index’s next scheduled reconstitution date.  In the event of an IPO which the index committee deems has “high importance” for the EQM Lithium & Battery Technology Index, the index committee can decide to include these companies on an extraordinary adjustment event basis.

If an index component’s stock is discontinued due to a merger or acquisition, the index committee may, at its sole discretion, replace the discontinued component at the time of discontinuation if more than 30 calendar days remain until the next reconstitution date.  The discontinued component will either be deleted entirely or be replaced with the next eligible security from a reserve list.  The replacement will be given the appropriate weighting given the securities country of domicile. If there are not more than 30 calendar days remaining until the next reconstitution date, the index committee will wait until the next reconstitution date to make the replacement.  In this scenario, any funds received from the discontinued security will be distributed to the remaining index components pro rata.

The index is rebalanced quarterly and is scheduled for reconstitution on the second Wednesday of August, November, February, and May.