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Keep Up With the Latest EQM News and Industry Updates:

01/29/18         Battle of the Blockchain ETFs: BLOK Versus BLCN

01/25/18         Emerita Capital and EQM Indexes Launch Blockchain BLOK 50 Global Index

12/11/17         The Zacks Analyst Blog Highlights

12/08/17         ‘Tis the Season for This Retail ETF

12/08/17         5 Hot ETF Deals for the Holiday Season

12/07/17         Investing in Blockchain ETFs

11/24/17         Retail ETFs Sizzling on Black Friday Deals

11/20/17         EQM Indexes Rings NASDAQ Opening Bell for IBUY with Amplify ETFs

11/05/17         Here Comes a Blockchain ETF

11/02/17         Amplify Plans Blockchain Leaders ETF

10/16/17         Say Goodbye to Your Smartphone: The Wearables Future Has Arrived

04/20/17        Putting on the Wearable Technology ETF

02/21/17         Fitness Technology Veteran Joins EQM Wearables Index Committee

01/08/17         Clicks Versus Bricks: Online Retail Killing It

12/13/16         EQM Indexes LLC Wearables Index Launched as ETF

12/12/16         EQM Indexes Provides Basis For The Launch Of First Wearables ETF

12/09/16         Wonderful Wearables Get Their Own ETF

12/09/16         A Targeted Tech ETF Centered Around Wearable Devices

12/09/16         The Wear ETF Launches on BATS (WEAR)

11/28/16         Cyber Monday on Facebook Live from the NASDAQ

10/17/16         The First Wearables Index May Give Rise To The First Wearables ETF

10/15/16         E-commerce bets outside of Amazon 

10/12/16         Are Retail ETFs a Buy Heading into the Holiday Season?

10/11/16         Should You Buy Retail ETFs for Q4?

10/03/16         4 Best ETFs to Buy for Q4

09/27/16        A New, Possibly Better Way To Play Consumer Discretionary Stocks

09/20/16       Online retail ETF’s rally demonstrates the shift away from brick-and-mortar shopping

08/22/16       E-Commerce Brick-and-Mortar Smack Down

08/16/16       E-Commerce ETFs Outperform Brick-and-Mortar Shops

05/27/16       Clicks vs. Bricks and Other Disruptive Trends in Retail

05/24/16       Financial Advisor Magazine Webinar replay eligible for CE credits

05/11/16       Seeking Alpha “Betting on Online Retail Just Became More Interesting”

05/05/16       Amplify’s Christian Magoon on CNBC Discussing Opportunities in China E-Commerce

05/04/16       Article on Alibaba (BABA) and Online Retail Earnings in

04/26/16       Article on Amazon (AMZN) in Seeking Alpha

04/20/16       Amplify ETFs Launches Online Retail ETF (NASDAQ: IBUY)

04/18/16       EQM Indexes Profiled in the San Diego Business Journal

03/14/16       New index will track Apple, GoPro and others in wearable tech space

03/10/16       Wearables Index Targeting Future Disruptive Technologies

03/09/16       EQM Indexes LLC Launches the WEARXT Wearables Index  (read more)

02/17/16Investors Brace Themselves for Fourth-Quarter Earnings Reports

Debra Borchardt reports in “Women’s Wear Daily”, retailers are heading for their fourth-quarter reckoning (read more)

02/1/16 Amazon Misses, But Retail Still Going Strong

Yes, (AMZN) suffered a big earnings miss, and its stock plummeted on Friday. Here’s what the e-commerce company is doing right for the long term. Read More . . .

01/14/16EQM Indexes LLC Launches the IBUYXT Online Retail Index  (read more)