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  • Based on the index provider’s in-house global classification system, Emerging Market and Frontier Market equities listed on a regulated stock exchange in the form of shares tradeable for foreign investors without restrictions on the list of eligible countries.
  • Companies generating at least 50% of their revenue from financial technology (FinTech), technology-enabled financial applications disrupting traditional financial service and banking business models. FinTech companies provide and develop mobile applications, online platforms, enterprise software, and/or other technology applications for the following industries or business segments:
    • Payments
    • Banking
    • Lending & Credit
    • Insurance
    • Investments & Trading
    • Digital assets (digital wallets, mining, exchange platforms)
  • Minimum market capitalization of at least $100 million USD.
  • Average daily traded value over the last 6 months of at least $1 million USD.
  • China headquartered companies will be included only as developed market listed, exchange traded ADR versions, or Hong Kong exchange traded versions if available.
The daily price and return of the EQM Emerging Markets FinTech Index (EMFINQ) is calculated and published by Solactive AG.

The EQM Emerging Markets FinTech Index is a passively managed index. It is not possible to invest in an index. For more information on the ETF tracking this index, contact Amplify ETFs.

Quotes for the EQM Emerging Markets FinTech Index can be found each day under the symbol EMFINQ on Bloomberg, on Reuters as .EMFINQ and from other financial data providers.
The company did not meet the selection criteria when the index was last reconstituted. Companies that now meet index selection criteria will become candidates for exclusion at the next quarterly reconstitution date.

Eligible initial public offerings that are eligible for inclusion will be considered for inclusion on a fast-track basis.

If an index component’s stock is discontinued due to a merger or acquisition, the index committee may, at its sole discretion, replace the discontinued component at the time of discontinuation if more than 30 calendar days remain until the next reconstitution date. The discontinued component will either be deleted entirely or be replaced with the next eligible security from a reserve list. The replacement will be given the appropriate weighting given the securities country of domicile. If there are not more than 30 calendar days remaining until the next reconstitution date, the index committee will wait until the next reconstitution date to make the replacement. In this scenario, any funds received from the discontinued security will be distributed to the remaining index components pro rata.
The index is rebalanced quarterly on the first Wednesday of February, May, August, November.