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Market Commentary — August 8, 2022

U.S. equities were mostly higher last week, despite 4 out of the 5 S&P 500 sessions being negative. Growth stocks outperformed value names. Treasuries were weaker with the yield curve flattening in a crazy week that saw the 10-year drop as low at 2.5% before ending the week at 2.8%.

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Market Commentary — August 1, 2022

Markets posted solid gains last week as the Fed raised interest rates by another 75 basis (0.75%) points as expected. Second quarter GDP was negative for the second consecutive quarter, coming in at -0.9%. In a "bad news is good news" scenario, investors are betting the Fed will need to be less aggressive going forward with rate hikes to fight inflation.

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Market Commentary — July 18, 2022

The big economic news of last week was June's 9.1% consumer price index (CPI) inflation print, which marked the highest increase since 1981. Decomposing the numbers, an 11.2% June jump in gas prices was mostly to blame, which provides some comfort given oil and gas prices have declined in July.

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Market Commentary — July 11, 2022

The U.S stock market ended the quarter officially in bear market territory, down more than 20% for the year. While there have been multiple factors causing the market to experience its worst first half of the year, since 1970, the cause can really be synthesized into one word: inflation.

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