Press Release Additional Disclosure

The EQM Indexes Online Retail Index™ (IBUYXT) seeks to track the combined performance of a basket of global stocks that derive significant revenue from online and virtual retail commerce including the online retail, online marketplace, and online travel market segments. The index is equal-weighted with a maximum of 25% of exposure to non-US stocks. ADR’s will be utilized for non-US holdings where available provided they meet liquidity requirements. Investors cannot invest directly in an index.

EQM Indexes, LLC is not affiliated with Bloomberg, Reuters, Amazon, EBay, Priceline, Rakuten, Zalando, or Amplify Investments or any of its third-party custodians and providers. EQM Indexes, LLC makes no claim to trademarks owned by other companies. “Online Retail Index” is a federally registered trademarks owned by EQM Indexes, LLC.

Amplify Investments, LLC (“Amplify”) is an investment adviser registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Additional information regarding Amplify can be found in Amplify’s Form ADV Part 2A which is available on the SEC’s web site at